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Virtual Training Software – Features

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Features virtual training software


A stand alone stationary bike stand provides little benefits for cyclists. This is  because it can be really daunting to ride on the bike for several hours without any entertainment. To make the riding session more interesting, riders need to listen to music.  The riders can also watch their favorite shows and movies on TV. However, if your mind is not fully concentrated on riding your bicycle trainer stand you are at a disadvantage. You won’t therefore be able to achieve the best cycling training. Many pros understand this problem. They simply watched statistics on different sensor devices to improve their performance. This was before the introduction of cycling software.  Now a days there is virtual support available. There is therefore no need to feel bored during a riding session.





What to look for in a cycling software?


Even if your cycle trainer doesn’t come with support for ANT+ wireless transmission  no need to worry. Since we have the basic design in place. It is now possible to connect your trainer with virtual support software. The speed, cadence and heart rate monitors can be connected to your trainer. The results can be integrated with a laptop. The laptop can be  loaded with virtual training software through ANT+ dongle. If you don’t buy a trainer with support for training software then you need to spend more. You have to invest in various devices. These devices are needed to measure performance and enjoy virtual training. Modern day trainers such as Bkool Turbo Trainer eliminate this difficulty. These trainers give you the best riding session physically. In addition they can also engage your mind in training virtually.

Virtual reality training is the latest trend among pro cyclists. This is  because when you watch people racing with you virtually then you be more competitive. It will give you the motivation to perform better on a stationary bike stand.  The cycling simulator is useful only if it provides access to several racing videos. It will be more useful if the videos are for different riding sessions. With some software, you have to download the videos. This will take a lot of time. You have to choose a bike simulator that allows you to directly stream videos.  This will therefore need no downloading.




It is best to choose a simulator software with multiplayer support. This feature allows you to interact with similar riders. You can also ride your favorite stationary bike stand. It will be like playing a video game. This will keep you interested in the riding session. This is because cyclists are naturally motivated by competition.


Cost is another very important factor. It is a must to consider cost while purchasing virtual trainer simulator. Some software may be priced low. You should however understand that you may have to pay for training videos separately. Nevertheless, investing in virtual support is the need of the hour. This is needed to make the best out of stationary bike stand.



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