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Which Wahoo bike trainer is the best?

These are just some of the questions asked by novice bikers and all other people who want to get in shape.

If you have decided to buy a bike trainer, this is definitely good decision – a worthy investment. Wahoo Bike trainers give you an excellent opportunity for quality training. In this blog we will answer some of the most common questions about bike trainers.

Bike trainers are one of most popular and easilyaccessible types of common fitness equipment. This is easy to understand as bike trainers provide a safe way to have affordable quality fitness affordably without a high initial investment, unlike some other pieces of fitness equipment, such as a cycling track, for example.

Another great reason why a bike trainer is an excellent piece of indoor training equipment is the fact that it includes that movement of pedal turning. Almost everyone can ride a bicycle; it doesn’t require some extraordinary coordination of movement, and the nature of the exercise is easy. Hips, knees and joints can easily coordinate. So this is ideal exercise for the beginners as well as those on rehabilitation. And to top it all, it is well known that cycling is the perfect sport for the cardio-vascular system.

What to have in mind when buying a Wahoo bike trainer

  • Break system –the majority of bike trainers usean electric break system, which isn’t cheap, but it comes with an option to also have incline control and a heart rate monitor.
    A mechanical break system is simpler and such bike trainers are more affordable but also come with lots of resistance levels. The only thing that actually matters are stronger flywheels, which also need continuous maintenance in order to have a good feeling when you turn the pedals.
  • Flywheels –i.e. pedal turning system. The stronger you turn the pedals, the more comfortable the resistance should be and the movement should also be smooth.
  • Models of bike trainers – There are several models/types of bike trainers. There are classicvertical bike trainers, which you sit on like a regular bicycle. There are also horizontal bike trainers, which you sit on leaned on the seat. This type is more expensive and takes up more space.
  • Feel when turning pedals – It would be ideal if this feel issmooth at every point of 360 degrees of a turn even with higher level of resistance and when you get off the seat during the ride. Avoid models that have an “uneven” or strange feel when you turn the pedals.
  • Maximum load – The load that a bike trainer can handle when you turn the pedals as fast as possible. The majority of indoor bike trainers will provide over 250 watts. Professional bike trainers can deliver up to 400 watts.
  • Intuitive and simple display – Do you understand the info you see on the display? Is access to programs simple? Are buttons easily accessible?
  • Training programs – Is there a diversity of programs that will motivate you to train? Are there more than one or two cycling training programs with different options? Is there an option for heart rate monitoring?
  • Energy source –Is it electricity operated or does it have its own energy source?
  • Bike trainer settings –The more settings available, the easier it will be to use it. It would be good if the seat is adjustable per height and front/back.
  • Seat comfort –What is the seat position? Is it comfortable? You will sit on it at least half an hour or more, so this is really important.
  • Construction material –make sure that the bike trainer frame is made of metal, that the welding and contacts are firm and strong, that the final finish is decent, that there are no sharp edges, and that moving parts are well protected.
  • Guarantee –The longer the guarantee, the longer the period will you have maintenance and repairs for free. This differs from one stationary bike stand brand to other.

In the end, it is all about what you need. Different bike rollers cost different amounts. Make the choice depending on your current needs and funds, but keep in mind the previous elements as they are really important in the long run.

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