Minoura B60-D Turbo Trainer (Non-Remote)

Minoura B-series: The B-series models offer a good quality trainer without any frills. They have a sturdy stable frame, decent resistance levels, reasonably quiet and great value for money.ç

Positioning of the B60 model: The B60 model was launched in 2011, especially for the price competitive markets around the world. The frame is a slightly simplified U-shape frame compared to the M70 series, to reduce cost, while the Magnetic resistance unit is very similar to the very successful M70 model. The B60 model is available in either Remote Control or Dial (non-rem

ote) versions.

The Magnetic Resistance Unit: There are 2 versions available, Remote Control and Dial Control. The Dial version (non-remote) offers a nice & simple 3 level resistance, via the manual Dial lever on the unit. On the remote version (B60-R) there are 7 levels, adjustable via the remote control shifter, which fits onto the handlebar. Even though the number of levels is different for both units ( 3 versus 7), the overall resistance is exactly the same, it is just that the steps are larger and on the Dial model you will use the gears of the bike more. Both models also feature an accurately spin-balanced 700 gram flywheel, to assist the roller to retain a smooth rotation at all times.


Power Unit

Magturbo … World First Magnetic Resistance

  • Standard ferrite magnet
  • Lightweight and adjustable power
  • Generates 425 Watt power at 40 km/h (H range)
  • 0.6 kgs dual steel disc flywheel
  • 3 resistance levels

Basic Steel Frame

  • Basic but durable steel construction
  • Lightweight for easy transportation
  • Fits hub width between 125 – 145mm
  • Standard thread type hub clamp
  • 29mm diameter single leg
USD 169.99
Net Weight
5.5 kgs
Output Power
(H range)
425 watt (40 km/h)
662 watt (60 km/h)
Tire Size Capacity
24″ – 700 x 45c (ETRTO 47-622)
1 year
Setup Dimensions
Setup Dimensions
  • W = 610 mm
  • D = 420 mm
  • H = 400 mm
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