Resistance Technology Minoura bike trainer

Minoura’s Magnetic “Eddy Current” benefits;
We at Minoura have been the pioneers of magnetic resistance indoor trainers. In the 80’s, there were only two ways to generate resistance; Wind fan and Roller pressure. The Fan type was very noisy, but with a reasonably exponential power curve, up to a certain speed, at which it would stop giving resistance. The Roller pressure type had very fast wear and very unreliable resistance. The Minoura patented system was a major breakthrough in regards to a quiet and smooth resistance system. The basic principles of the “Eddy Current System” are simple. There are two magnets opposing each other, and an alloy disc is located between the magnets. The magnets pull or push each other, depending on their position versus each other. The alloy rotor between the magnets cut the magnetic fields, thus creating resistance. This is a very reliable resistance method, which does not alter the resistance when heating up during exercise. “Eddy Current” system. The current versions of this unit have a similar design, but are more refined and tuned for optimum performance.

Securing the Trainer to the Bicycle

The first job is to replace the bicycle’s rear-wheel skewer with the one that comes with the trainer, which will ensure a perfect fit and best possible stability for the bicycle. The rear-wheel is then slipped between the axle holders and the adjustable side is tightened till very firm. Please do not use anything but hands to tighten the hub handle, there is no need for this. The resistance unit is then tightened against the tyre itself with a dial-knob.

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