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What is a Bike Trainer?

What are the different types of bicycle trainers available? Which type of bicycle trainer is best? And what should you know about bicycle trainers if you plan to purchase one for yourself?

All of these questions will be answered in this long, but detailed article… so just keep reading… or scroll down below to the area that interests you the most.

Wind Bike Trainers

Generally the least expensive of all the mechanical bicycle trainers, a wind bicycle trainer creates resistance by having the cyclist power a circular fan that blows air onto the wheel.

Because these types of trainers are relatively primitive in their design, they are inexpensive, less-likely to break that some of the more complicated bicycle trainers, and they provide a relatively road-like ride.

The major drawbacks of wind bike trainers, however, are that they 1) create an incredible amount of noise… and 2) because the resistance to the wheel is created by wind and wind alone, the resistance is not as high as some cyclists would prefer.

Minoura Rollers. For use with Off-Road tires

The RDA system (Rim Drive Action) is Minoura’s patented bike trainer system that drives the resistance unit via rubber rollers to the rim side wall, not the tire itself.

Because there is no tire contact, there is no tire wear&noise or vibrations caused by the tire tread pattern. This means MTB riders do not have to change tires or have a 2nd bike to do indoor bike training, just put your MTB bike on and off you go.
For the serious MTB racers it means you can warm up before a race, on your actual race bike set-up, just like road racers. That means less gear to take and easier for you to get ready for a race.

Road bikes and RDA bike trainers

There is one very good reason why road racers should use the RDA indoor bike trainers;

If you use the RDA for warming-up and cooling-down at a race event, you do not have to worry about wearing out your expensive cycling racing tires.
That makes the RDA ideal for competitive cycling racers.


The RDA Magnetic Resistance Unit

The RDA unit was regulated at a medium 365 Watts of power. This is because a larger resistance would require a much stronger roller pressure at the rim end, which would cause much increased wear of the bike roller/rim.

There are 7 levels of resistance, controlled via the Remote or Dial lever. There is also an accurately 800 gram spin-balanced flywheel, to assist with a very smooth rotation at all times.

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