Review Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine


Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine

Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine


The Volare Mag Speed trainer uses a magnetic resistance unit to provide 5 levels of pre-set resistance to your back wheel as you workout. The resistance is controlled via a handlebar mounted resistance dial, meaning you can modify how stiff your ride is without leaving your bike. The trainer comes fully assembled meaning you can start working out straight away when you get the turbo trainer out if its box. The resistance unit itself is spring loaded so that it pushes up against your bike tyre to ensure a consistent and correct pressure, and the whole trainer folds for easy storage and transport. This is a low prices trainer in Elites range.

The trainer is compatible with Elite app that displays output metrics such as heart rate, cadence etc, although extra sensors may need to be purchased in addition to downloading the app. Also, the elastogel roller (where your back tyre spins against) improves tyre grip, reduces tyre wear & vibration, and also provides 20% less noise over normal trainer rollers.

People who own this trainer say:
“Good trainer for beginners.” “Recommended it by a mate and I haven’t been disappointed.” “Noise levels are minimal and the build quality is excellent.” “A simple no nonsense trainer.” “This is a great entry level turbo trainer.”

For a more interactive experience that allows you to race on Tour de France stages see the Elite Real range. RealTour, RealAxiom, and RealPower trainers.

Inside the Kurt Kinetic fluid resistance unit (and why you’ll want a Kurt Kinetic Trainer!)

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I think I might have already covered why I like the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine so much (you might want to read this if you are unfamiliar with this amazing bike trainer) but this post is for those of you interested in the finer details, the techie stuff.

One of the major factors in considering any trainer from those guys at Kurt Kinetic has to be the resistance unit that comes with the trainer. A quite stunning piece of machinery that has ensured their trainers stay at the very top of any bestseller chart – as well as at the top of many a wish list.

The fluid resistance unit is out there on its own in terms of power and performance, especially with its non-leaky unit, something that often impacts the cheaper fluid trainers.

The unit includes 6.25 pounds of true flywheel, the biggest out there (by more than double!), an almost 3 inch roller that ensures less heat heading towards the resistance chamber, and 90ml of medical grade silicon, which is thermal dynamically neutral (which in layman’s terms means your workload is measurable, repeatable, and consistent).

And it all comes with a lifetime warranty guarantee (so even if you do KILL your trainer and it eventually leaks, you’re covered)!

To sum it all up, we found this great video from the Kurt Kinetic team, it’s well worth a look if you’re considering one of their stands…

fluid kurt kinetic resistance unit

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