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Elite Volare Mag Speed Stationary Bike Stand

Elite Volare Mag Speed Stationary Bike Stand

  • Feel
  • Resistance
  • Noise Level
  • Set-Up
  • Portability
Our review 3.9



Cons – Elite Volare Mag Speed

  • Resistance doesn’t increase exponentially
  • Hardest setting is kind of ridiculous
  • Need to use knob to increase resistance
    • common in most all mag trainers

Pros – Elite Volare Mag Speed

  • Can adapt to accommodate different wheel diameters
  • Quiet enough to be able to make a phone call
  • Compact and light-weight
  • Smooth ride


The Volare Mag Speed trainer uses a magnetic resistance unit to provide 5 levels of pre-set resistance to your back wheel as you workout. The resistance is controlled via a handlebar mounted resistance dial, meaning you can modify how stiff your ride is without leaving your bike. The trainer comes fully assembled meaning you can start working out straight away when you get the turbo trainer out if its box. The resistance unit itself is spring loaded so that it pushes up against your bike tyre to ensure a consistent and correct pressure, and the whole trainer folds for easy storage and transport. This is a low prices trainer in Elites range.

The trainer is compatible with Elite app that displays output metrics such as heart rate, cadence etc, although extra sensors may need to be purchased in addition to downloading the app. Also, the elastogel roller (where your back tyre spins against) improves tyre grip, reduces tyre wear & vibration, and also provides 20% less noise over normal trainer rollers.

People who own this trainer say:
“Good trainer for beginners.” “Recommended it by a mate and I haven’t been disappointed.” “Noise levels are minimal and the build quality is excellent.” “A simple no nonsense trainer.” “This is a great entry level turbo trainer.”

For a more interactive experience that allows you to race on Tour de France stages see the Elite Real range. RealTour, RealAxiom, and RealPower trainers.


Not your Average Entry-Level Trainer

The words “entry-level” and “bad” need some space.

Well, I suppose that depends on what we’re talking about. For instance, cheap entry-level toilet paper is quite bad. Nevermind toilet paper, because we’re not here to discuss the ideal paper for covering your friend’s garden – tp’ing knows no age. No, I’m here to shine light on the Elite Volare Mag Speed.

I recently found myself in a pickle; riding outside proved to be chaotic (cars, road conditions, dogs, etc), but I still wanted to ride. Therefore, I needed a trainer. Did I really need it? No, but I value bike fitness and somehow that ranks high on my needs list.

At home, I always drip buckets of sweat courtesy of a CycleOps Fluid 2. However, I’m traveling and CycleOps trainers aren’t an option. Therefore, I turned my attention to Elite. This brings us full circle as to why the words “entry-level” and “bad” need space.



Setting up the Elite Volare Mag Speed

It all started with the unboxing. Much to my chagrin, the box was light. At least compared to the likes of a CycleOps. No assembly was required – I just needed to pull the legs apart and untangle the resistance cable. That process took me all of 10-seconds.

Overcome with bravado from my set-up success, I went ahead and locked my bike into the stand without having first read the instruction manual. Set-up was kind of weird, as the base is rather narrow and the locking plate didn’t attach to anything – it’s spring-loaded. Luckily, I have feet and held it down with one of those while I secured the rear wheel. Then I got on and rode in place. Hard.



Ride on Elite Volare Mag Speed

I was thoroughly impressed with the smoothness of resistance and how quiet it was (at lower resistance levels). To test its noise factor, I made a phone call and they could hear me! My mom was pretty stoked about that.

During my warm-up, I went through the five levels of resistance. The easiest level is perfect for active recovery. I would actually prefer to ride the Elite Volare Mag Speed over my CycleOps Fluid 2 for recovery spins. It’s quieter and my feet seem to kick over effortlessly, which is kind of the point of recovery spins.

Progressing to greater levels of resistance is as easy as a turn of a knob, because the resistance is controlled by a knob. Considering functionality alone, I’d prefer to have a fluid trainer, so that I don’t have gears and knobs to adjust. However, we’re discussing entry-level trainers now, so fluid trainers do not apply.

Back to resistance…



Resistance Elite Volare Mag Speed from Helium Legs to Holy

There actually isn’t much of a need to adjust gearing, as the knob takes you from feeling like “I have legs of helium” on easiest setting to “Holy $%&#! Is the brake rubbing? Am I holding the brake? Am I lead foot? Err, lead legs? How much longer does this have to last!” on the most difficult setting.

It’s safe to say that you’ll get a good spectrum of resistance with the Elite Volare Mag Speed. Though, it does feel like you’re turning squares every time you get going at a higher level of resistance, unless your cadence is crazy high while making the shift.

After completely saturating four towels and creating a puddle adequate enough for tadpoles to grow up, it was time to clean up. While I consider myself an endurance athlete in every sense of the word, I’d rather not let my living arrangement say that for me.

You know… bikes, shoes, trainers, helmets, chamois cream, speedos, goggles, and like lying around.

Luckily, the Elite Volare Mag Speed is a skinny thing. Much like most cyclists. Coincidence? Hmm…

Anyways, I was able to tuck the trainer underneath a wardrobe. Success!



Final Thoughts about Elite Volare Mag Speed

Overall, given that it’s an entry-level trainer, it’s pretty damn good by my standards! Admittedly, I’ve been the type that gets around on trainers. So, I know what I like. You know, speaking from experience. When it comes to the $200-ish price point, I’d be hard pressed to name a better trainer to ride. While you can get into the fluid range for another $150 or so, I feel this trainer would be ideal for anyone who wants a portable or easily storable trainer that can still deliver one heck of a walloping.

Penny for penny and inch for inch, the Elite Mag Speed Bike Trainer is a top in StationaryBikeStand.net book.


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