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Roller Bike Trainers are the most simply-designed bike trainers you will see, as they consist of nothing but a set of rollers that you ride your bike on top of.

With rollers there is nothing to hold your bike vertical, so you must maintain your own balance while on the rollers… and as you might suspect, the learning curve on rollers does take some time.

When first learning how to use roller bike trainers, it is helpful to have something to hold on to so that you are less likely to ride off the sides of the rollers or fall to the ground while learning to balance.


Benefits of Elite Bike Trainers

  1. They are usually the least expensive type of bicycle trainers you can buy.
  2. They provide a more realistic cycling experience because you have to maintain your balance, just as you would on a normal bike ride.
  3. The fact that you can shift your torso from side to side, like you would when on your regular bike, makes it feel like you aren’t riding in place, but that you are out there on the road.

The Drawbacks of Roller Bike Trainers:

  1. Learning how to balance and ride on rollers takes some time – even for experienced cyclists.
  2. The rollers themselves provide no resistance to your bicycle.
  3. The only way to increase your resistance on the rollers is to shift gears.
  4. Rollers can not be used with knobby mountain bike tires. They are designed only for road and flat, touring style tires.



The second major type of bicycle trainer is what is known as a Mechanical Resistance Bicycle Trainer.

It get its name because this type of bike trainer uses a mechanism of some kind to resist the motion of the wheel and it has a frame that holds your rear wheel in a vertical position (making it easier to balance).

The resistance mechanism on these types of trainers come in 3 major sub-types: wind, magnetic, and fluid.

I’ll talk about each of these sub-types in just a moment.


Bike Trainer Elite Force Turbo Muin Review


Bike Trainer Elite Real Axiom Review

You’d better have a chamois in those cycling shorts, cause this bike trainer kicks some serious butt. It communicates with your computer, varying the amount of resistance, reflecting real-world conditions as you ride through different courses.

It also gives you the ability to race against a real human competitor on a LAN or against a software-based virtual competitor.

Includes 14 preset courses and a 4-week training program, plus it allows the rider to program his or her own custom courses View personal ride stats.

Including Speed, Distance, Ride Time, Cadence, Heart Rate and Power Output, and store them for your own training history, making your indoor bike trainer a lot more enjoyable and effective resistance changes based on the course and rider input.

Includes 2 DVD’s of actual European road courses, the Limoges climb from the 2004 Tour de France and the 2004 Verona World Championship course.

These courses are coordinated with the stationary bike stand Elite Real Axiom resistance unit to make you feel like you’re really there Also includes internet software cycling app that enables Elite Real Axiom bike trainer to compete online against bike riders anywhere in the world.

Join established races or create your own. SofTrac roller improves traction, lowers tire wear and allows a much quieter, smoother ride System requirements:

Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or better, Windows 2000 or XP, 10GB/7200 RPM hard drive, 512MB RAM, 32MB Video Memory, USB port.

DVD drive; Microsoft Vista download available at RealAxiom.com


Bike Trainer Elite Realpower Review

Infinitely variable electro magnetic resistance with an amazing maximum power threshold of 1500 watts, controlled by cycling training program or wireless touchpad remote.

Multirax computer software includes video and non-video ride cycling simulations and allows up to 8 bike trainers to be plugged into a single computer for Inchfriendly Inch competition-includes 15 video races.

Ritmo dancing feet allow user to cycling ride with a natural, rhythmic rocking motion and Elastogel indoor bike trainer reduces noise by 50-Percent and tire wear by 20-Percent.

Quick thread hub clamp and spring loaded resistance mechanism ensure quick, proper setup.

Includes release 61 software, 15 DVD video cycling races, Conconi test, cycling training test, new personal bike training software, and front wheel travel block, and heart-rate transmitter belt.

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