Cycleops Jet Fluid Pro

Cycleops jet fluid pro

  • Price Cycleops Jet Fluid Pro➟ $379
  • Type ➟ Electro-Magnetic Resistance
  • Noise Level➟ Low
  • Resistance Level➟ High
  • Trainer Control➟ Virtual Training

Pros. CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro trainer

  • ✓ Wide, Stable Base
  • ✓ Operates at a lower temperature making it quieter
  • ✓ Improved Resistance curved
  • ✓ Adjustable leg height
  • ✓ Can accommodate 29ers

Cons. CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro trainer

  • ☓ Heavier & Bulkier than comparable Cycleops Models
  • ☓ Pricey



The exact same bike trainer as the CycleOps JetFluid Pro that comes with an additional 2 x front wheel climbing blocks, a trainer mat, a bike thong, and a RealRides Race Day DVD.

The CycleOps JetFluid Pro Trainer uses a specially engineered fluid resistance brake that offers road-realistic progressive resistance, and the harder you pedal the more resistance is offered.

The JetFluid Pro uses CycleOps PowerTuned Technology, which fits a power curve that mimics what you would encounter when cycling on the open road.

For this reason this is a great stationary bike stand for serious cyclists who want an as realistic as possible experience from their indoor workouts.

This is also one of the quietest indoor bike trainers you will find on the market. More details can be found on the CycleOps JetFluid Pro product page.

The climbing blocks increase the realism of your workout, as well as offering varying riding positions to represent more of an uphill incline that will get you out of your saddle.

As is standard with turbo trainers your back wheel is set to a higher position to raise it off the ground, and therefore most users purchase a riser (or climbing) front wheel block to create a more horizontal and road-realistic riding position.

With this Training Kit package you get 2 front wheel climbing blocks so you can ride in a horizontal or an inclined position.

You also get a training mat as part of this package, which reduces vibration noises and also protects you floor from wear as you workout. It also stops sweat dripping on your floor.

On this subject, the included bike thong is there to catch sweat, because working out indoors on turbo trainers causes you to sweat considerably more than riding outdoors.

Users of turbo trainers also consider these sweat thongs essential as getting sweat all over your bike and floor is not desirable. Finally, included in this combined trainer pack is a RealRides Race Day DVD that includes special training programs specifically set to increase power and endurance.

This is a great total package for anyone looking to get a home turbo trainer so that they can use their road bike indoors, and comes with one of the most realistic and quiet trainers currently available.


Setting up the CycleOps Jetfluid Pro

CycleOps has got the art of setting up bike trainers down to an art – it’s stupid easy.

  1. Open box.
  2. Take trainer out of box.
  3. Pull the legs out.

From there, just swap skewers if you so choose, dial in the cam lever and you’re ready to go.

You might be wondering if there’s anything different about the frame of the Jetfluid Pro versus the Fluid 2. Well, your gumption serves you well, because you are correct!

For one, it’s has a much wider base than its predecessors. Which helps you feel more stable on the trainer. Thoughtful, eh?

Secondly, it’s accommodating. The legs are adjustable, so the trainer can account for varying floor heights. Thoughtful, eh?

Lastly, it too easily fits a variety of tire sizes with it’s dual-position mounting bracket.


Ride and Resistance

When I first got on the Jetfluid Pro, I seriously doubted that it would be smoother and quieter than the Fluid 2. There’s no arguing that it is a prettier bike trainer, but beyond aesthetics, I bought it thinking it was just an update with some shiny black plastic.

Why did I buy it then? I’m irrational when it comes to purchases, so no further explanation is necessary.

I did several of my “bread and butter” rides that I’ve done on other trainers and this one is truly more stable, especially when doing high cadence drills or out-of-the-saddle drills.

Furthermore, the power curve seems to ramp up more consistently than even the Fluid 2. Or maybe I’m just buying into the hype to justify the extra cash I threw down on it. Regardless, it is definitively quieter.

That shiny black plastic that adorns the back actually houses a more sophisticated resistance unit. It cools itself more efficiently than the Fluid 2 and being that it operates a lower temperature, it’s quieter; high unit temperature means more noise.

That’s not to say it’s so quiet that you wouldn’t have the adjust the volume of the TV during an intense interval, because you definitely would!

And added benefit of a resistance unit that operates at a lower temperature: it lasts longer. Yay!


Final Thoughts

On average, the Jetfluid Pro will cost you ~ $379 on Amazon ($399 on versus ~ $279 for the Fluid 2 on Amazon ($349 on, so you’re looking to spend an additional $100 if you take the wiser of the two paths.

Basically, if “good enough” is good enough for you, then the Fluid 2 is a great choice. However, if you desire the smoothest resistance, quietest ride, and demand even longer lasting long lasting performance, then the CycleOps Jetfluid Pro is the trainer for you.

If you don’t care and want to think less, just write down a bunch of different trainers on separate pieces of paper and toss them into a hat. Draw one and you’ve got yourself a trainer!


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