Fluid 2 CycleOps Bike Trainer

Fluid 2 – CycleOps Bike Trainers  Review

CycleOps Fluid 2

  • Price Fluid 2 ➟ $728
  • Type ➟ Electro-Magnetic Resistance
  • Noise Level➟ Low
  • Resistance Level➟ High
  • Trainer Control➟ Virtual Training

Pros. CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer

  • ✓ Super simple set-up
  • ✓ Great road-like feel
  • ✓ More watts = More Resistance
  • ✓ Relatively quiet overall
  • ✓ Can accommodate mountain tires

Cons. CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer

  • ☓ Can produce high-pitched whines
  • ☓ Rapid tire wear, wich can lead to slippage Rapid



Like all fluid bike trainers, the Cycleops Fluid 2 offers a progressive resistance, which means that the faster and harder you pedal the more power and resistance you feel. To keep ramping up the resistance you simply pedal harder and shift up your bikes gears as you would on the open road.

The whole aim of the Fluid 2 indoor bike trainer is that you feel exactly like you are riding on the road. More momentum is placed onto the rear wheel of your bike using a 1,2 kg precision–balanced flywheel that has been specially engineering to give a more realistic riding feel. Also, to make the workout even more realistic CycleOps have carefully adjusted fluid cyclings levels within the braking unit to offer a more road like workout.

A lot goes into this braking technology, but simply a lot of testing on the track has led to the measurement of the position of the optimal power curve, which has been reproduced in the CycleOps Fluid 2. This means you get a power to pedal speed ratio that is as realistic as possible, and the resistance increases on an smooth infinite resistance curve that is based on how fast you pedal and on which gear you are in.



Setting up the CycleOps Fluid 2

The Fluid 2 can also accommodate most mountain bike wheel sizes too, though, you’ll need to put on a non-knobby tire.

CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bicycle Trainer Features:

Cycle Ops Fluid 2 Indoor Bicycle Trainer will keep your legs in great condition during the off-season
• Flywheel that is larger than most gives twice the inertia and makes you feel like you are on the road itself
• Power-band technology gives wider range of resistance
• Increased wattage as you increase your speed with infinite resistance curve
• Mechanism that self-cools means unit performs better and for longer

Ride and Resistance Cycleops Fluid 2

The ride quality of a fluid trainer is pretty flippin’ awesome. It’s smooth, it’s fluid (pun intended), and the more watts you give it, the more resistance it gives you. That’s thanks to it’s infinite resistance curve, which mimics road accelerations and decelerations. In my opinion, it does a damn good job of that.

Resistance is added or subtracted by shifting, so if your cables are out of whack, your trainer session will probably suck.

My main complaint about the Fluid 2 is that it can produce a high-pitched whiny noise from time to time. All in all, it’s far from the being the loudest of the bunch, but non-cycling roommates of the past haven’t always enjoyed my trainer sessions. The tire also seemed to skip from time to time when standing or doing low cadence work, but that’s likely due to a tire wear issue on my end.

While it’s not as compact as the Elite Volare Mag Speed, it is rather slender, but definitely heavier. Regardless, it can fit away nicely in cabinets or closets and/or in this nifty storage/travel case. The case is especially nice for storage or transport, so you can avoid denting walls and scratching cars like I have done too many times before.


Final Thoughts CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer

Overall, the CycleOps Fluid 2 is a solid trainer and has been atop the fluid trainer leaderboards for some time now. There are newer, more advanced models available (like the CycleOps Jetfluid Pro), but you’ll really only be paying for a couple extra bells and whistles. This trainer is a best-seller and that’s mainly due to the fact that it’s hard to say negative things about it. Also, given it’s exponential resistance curve, it’ll also pair with Trainer Road, so you can get real-time virtual power assessments. Though, you’ll need an ANT+ speed sensor, such as this one on Amazon, and a computer in which to run the application. Pretty neat stuff given what you can record with basic add-ons for less than $700 (Trainer + Trainer Road + Speed Sensor + ANT+ Stick).

The CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bicycle Trainer is a fantastic way in which to keep your body in shape and in good condition in the off-season. Many cyclists hate training indoors as it is not enjoyable, but with this piece of exercise equipment you can train and have fun when the winter nights draw in.

There is no doubt that training outside is much more interesting. But when you cannot due to weather conditions then this is a great bike trainer to use. Not only it is secure and stable, but is also comfortable to use. It offers cyclists one of the best performances across the world and tries to capture the essence of cycling out in the real world. It is the closest you will get anyway from your own home.

This particular bike trainer features flywheel that is larger than most and means that consequently it has double the inertia. This in turn leads to improved performance and the real feeling that you are out on the road. You can set the bike trainer to varying difficulty levels and resistance dependent on your particular skill level. This is all done without touching the trainer with unique power-band technology. One moment you can be riding easy enough and the next you can be climbing up hills and sapping your energy. The bike trainer is relatively quiet too and the fans help keep the bike running smoothly for longer.

We  found Amazon.com to have the best price on all indoor bike trainers including the CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bicycle Trainer.

This product has a large number of good reviews of which most of them focus on the fact that the unit is very stable and almost silent when running.


Almost all the reviews are very complimentary about this bike trainer. The main focus of the comments is on the stability and durability of the unit itself. Additionally the resistance is favored and the fact that you can get high performance and it feels just like you are training out on the road. Many customers also enjoyed the fact that this product was almost silent while training and so not distracting at all.

However, there were a just a few reviews that were negative about the product in question. These were mainly leveled at poor instructions to assemble the bike trainer and the time spent trying to figure it out from the diagrams. Additionally one review commented on attaching a bike to the unit and the rear wheel staying firmly rooted to the floor meaning it was impossible to train.

Overall, despite very few negative comments, the vast majority seem to like the  CycleOps Bike Trainer Fluid 2 Indoor Bicycle Trainer. It seems to be one of the best around and the closest you may get to actually being out on the road training with the high performance and resistance levels.

Finally, there are fluid bicycle trainers. Fluid bike trainers are the most complex of the bicycle trainers you will likely run across and because of this, they are more prone to breakage that the types we’ve discussed previously.

Fluid bicycle trains function as a sort of hybrid between magnetic bicycle trainers and a totally separate type of trainer that creates friction with the use of liquid resistance chambers.

The major benefit of a fluid bike trainer is that as you begin to pedal faster and faster, the resistance to the rear wheel begins to progressively increase. This road-like feel is what many cyclists working on a bicycle trainer want to feel, but fluid bicycle trainers do have their drawbacks. Mainly the fact that over time the trainer is prone to overheat, expand, and begin to leak.



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