bkool smart pro stationary bike stand

Bkool smart pro stationary bike stand


Bkool is a compact stationary bike stand (Plug&Play) controlled wirelessly.







Bkool stationary bike stand



Bkool stationary bike stand is extremely intelligent. It is more than just a bike trainer: it includes the most advanced cycling software and a powerful analytical platform.

The cycling roller is also super stable, compact and powerful. You’ll feel the same as on the road. Thanks to the cycling simulator, you can ride without having to leave your house with all your friends around the world riding any cycling route in any country.

Bkool indoor bike trainer is half the price of an equivalent turbo trainer. Without question, Bkool is the most intelligent turbo trainer for bicycles.

Bkool bike trainer is what experts prefer and it is for good reasons. You only need a skewer that comes with the trainer to mount your bike. Once setup, there is nothing you need to do to start training.

Resistance is controlled by wireless ANT+ system which means that you will experience real on-road resistance depending on the route you choose in the simulator.

The trainer also comes with a stand to support the front wheel and you can elevate the front wheel to practice cycling on mountain climbs.

Bkool uses the latest technology in biomechanical engineering to provide ultimate resistance and power. You can easily ramp up to 1200 Watts and the resistance provided is on a progressive curve, making it quite comfortable and challenging to ride the trainer.

Bkool roller trainer is extremely silent. You can easily place the trainer in the living room and enjoy working out while having some fun time with your family.

This stationary bike stand is lightweight when the bike is not mounted on. It uses contact force to keep the bike steady on the roller so that no additional setup is actually necessary.

Once the bike is off, you can easily store the trainer even if you have very limited storage space. Is a leader in performance and that is why this bycicle trainer has been used continuously for six days to set a new Guinness World Record.

The bike trainer can offer resistance up to 1200 watts in progressive curve. The reality is that no cyclist is able to test the cycling trainer at its peak resistance because it offers the best workout even with lower resistance.

Progressive increase in resistance will help you to design a workout session that targets specific aspects of your cycling style.




Bkool Cycling software doesn’t require any download to ride a route or video. Further, the addition of patented weather information to the videos makes indoor training much more realistic.

As you ride any route, the weather information is updated in real time. If it rains in real life, you can see rain on your video and subsequent change in resistance on your trainer. Similarly, if there is snow or sun, you will feel the changes on your trainer.

Any bike trainer will work at optimal performance if you use Bkool cycling simulator software. The training simulator provides you access to more than 500,000 cycling routes.

You can therefore choose to ride on any bike route of your choice. For the first time in the industry, Bkool Roller brings 3D real life cycling videos accessible for training.

Newest support for weather will make the training videos even more inviting and realistic. All statistical information is displayed while you ride your bike.

At the end of the workout cycling session, you can easily store the data in the cloud to access it anytime from anywhere.

Is very simple to create and export cycling routes. You can use your smartphone to ride your favorite route and instantly upload the video to your Bkool account. Moreover, you can share your videos with other players so that your group can race on the same route.

The fun part of Bkool cycling simulator is its support for multi-player rides. You can ride with other Bkoolers and create ciclyng leagues and competitions to race just like in the real world.

Moreover, Bkool also has voice communication feature that enables you to chat with your group riders as you ride your trainer.

3D world cycling simulator. You can easily train for hours without even realizing that you are performing indoor training.

Bkool doesn’t charge you separately for different devices. You only need to pay $12 per month to get your premium subscription that provides unlimited access to all the features.





You simply have to plug and play and you are ready to go. You simply need to mount your bike and use a trusty skewer to hold the real wheel in place.

There is simply no other adjustment required and once your bike is mounted, you are ready to start your training. The aesthetically pleasing trainer is easy to store as the legs are extremely adjustable.

The performance of Bkool turbo trainer is incomparable. You need to spend some time to setup the cycling training simulator software on your laptop or tablet to enjoy the true benefits of the trainer.

Resistance is automatically controlled based on the route you ride. You can setup training sessions according to your requirements and enjoy riding on this cycling training without worrying about any overheating problem.



Bkool provides the best road like experience by varying resistance as you ride on different routes using the bike trainer simulator. The trainer can power up to 1200 watts progressively so that you don’t experience any jerks or shakes as you ride the trainer. Bkool was the ultimate choice of Pierre-Michael Micaletti who set a world record by riding Bkool Smart Pro for six consecutive days and nights.



The first Bike Trainer to provide 3D cycling experience

The turbo trainer seamlessly integrates with the software that comes free along with the trainer. You can download bike simulator for various platforms for free.

To explore all the features of the software, you only need to pay $12 per year. This is for premium subscription. The selection of routes and races is virtually unlimited with Bkool simulator.

You can race on any route on the planet. There is a smartphone app that allows you to monitor on-road performance. You can also record your favorite route and upload to the cloud.

With this feature other players too can enjoy racing on your favorite cycling routes. The bike trainer simulator also allows you to create groups and leagues. In this way you can enjoy racing with other players.

Bkool simulator advanced analytics feature for all riding sessions. You can easily store the racing data on the cloud. This makes it possible to access the data anytime, anywhere. With the data available 24 x 7, you can compare races and performance more readily.




The second major type of bicycle trainer is what is known as a Mechanical Resistance Bicycle Trainer. It get its name because this type of bike trainer uses a mechanism of some kind to resist the motion of the wheels… and it has a frame that holds your rear wheel in a vertical position (making it easier to balance).

The resistance mechanism on these types of trainers come in 3 major sub-types: wind, magnetic, and fluid bike trainers. I’ll talk about each of these sub-types in just a moment.


Benefits of Mechanical Bike Trainers

Because there is a frame to hold your rear wheel in place, keeping your balance on a mechanical bike trainer is a piece of cake.
They are relatively small (in comparison to Rollers) and won’t take up a lot of space in your home, basement or garage.
The Drawbacks of Mechanical Bike Trainers:

They tend to cost more than Roller Bike Trainers. And depending on which of the three sub-types you get, the costs can escalate even higher.
Because the rear wheel is locked in place by the frame of the roller, you don’t get that back and forth “road-like” feel that you get on Roller Bike Trainers.



When it comes to Mechanical Bicycle Trainers, there are three main types that you will run across: Wind, Magnetic, and Fluid – each of which operates in a slightly different fashion.



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