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Generally, when you purchase a bike trainer, you will be required to pay separately for the Cycling software. This adds on to the cost of already expensive stationary bike stand.

Bkool turbo trainer has gained prominence in the recent past with its advanced training options and supremely efficient 3D cycling software.

It is the only turbo trainer in the world to offer 3D virtual videos which make indoor training sessions a breeze.

Most cyclists often complain that the 3D videos with other simulators are not engaging enough.

With the 3D cycling simulator from Bkool, you can enter the virtual world and forget that you are actually training indoor.


Bike Trainer With 3D cycling software

All You Need for you cycling training


When you have to train day after day indoor with bad weather, you need some motivation to keep pedaling.

While some cyclists suggest listening to your favorite music or movies while pedaling, everyone agrees that the best way to stay motivated is to use biking videos.


Several bike trainer manufacturers allow you to download videos, but you have to pay additional price for every video you download. Bkool bike trainer stand out of the crowd by offering real time 3D videos for free with premium subscription.

The cycling routes database is constantly updated and you will never run out of options. There are over 500,000 routes in the 3D cycling simulator software from which you can choose one.

If you don’t like the idea of riding with the aid of existing videos, create your own cycling route and upload your video.

Moreover, you can also share your routes and videos with your friends so that all of you can race in the same route.

Once you purchase Bkool bike trainer, you can download and install 3D simulator software and use it immediately.


Latest release of Bkool Cycling Software includes:

  • 3 new types of bike road surfaces in the 3D cycling view. Two of them are asphalt in different wear status, and the other is a new type of dirt road.
  •  Spectator mode has been opened to free users. You can now see everything that the bkool premium subscription offers such as the 3D view, video routes and the ability to watch all users training whilst entering as a spectator.
  •  They’ve added some information on minimum cycling players required to join in order to start the velodrome game. With this, you can calculate how long it’s going to take to start the ride.
  • Pacer has a new look and targets are represented differently.
  • Velodrome cycling software have been opened to all smart bike trainers. Experience the adrenaline rush from their exclusive Bkool cycling simulator for velodrome games.
  • Outfit customisation is now available for non Bkool indoor bike trainer and for free users using the Gear selection tool inside the bike simulator.
  • A cycling podium has been added at the end of the cycling routes and 3 first bike riders will be there when anybody arrives to the finish line.
  • Have also programmed the bike trainer simulator so that when it is paired to a non Bkool Smart bike trainer, it smooths the slope changes to feel like inertia.
  • They have also included virtual speed for these smart bike trainers, which used to leave users without a Bkool stationary bike stand at a disadvantage when going downhill.


Cycling Software with Velodrome Games

All cyclists, either professionals or high-strung amateurs, don’t want to stop cycling during the rainy fall or the cold, snowy winter.

But these are definitely not the cycling seasons when you can jump on your bike and head out on open roads. The only choice to stay active and cycle is to train indoors.

When it comes to training indoors, you can either choose a bike trainer on a velodrome.

Cycling on a velodrome, also known as track cycling, is even an Olympic sport – basically, you will never see some cyclists train to compete in the Tour de France.

Track cycling definitely has its pros. Speeding at over 45 miles per hour at some moments is definitely the speed of the light on a bike.

It requires focus and determination and any track cyclist has to be very skillful because if you fall off your bike at such a speed, you are definitely facing significant health risk.



Velodrome is an indoor, heavily banked cycling track for racing that is angled at corners, enabling cyclists to achieve and maintain certain speeds. Velodrome is perfect for training sprinting or endurance.

Basically, velodrome is excellent both for stamina and speed, so you will not miss the open road during winter at all.


How long should you train on a velodrome cycling software?

Every professional will tell you that velodrome training should be aimed at longevity, even if you want to focus on speed and explosiveness.

In order to be fast on a bike, you need to do long races – cycling long distance will make every cyclist faster (because he will be stronger).


cycling software bkool

Cycling Software with Velodrome Games by Bkool Trainer for Cycling Indoor


Of course, the focus isn’t just on long, monotonous training on the velodrome.  It is also important to switch trainings and never let muscles get used to certain activities.

One should have training that includes lots of velodrome cycling for general stamina along with sessions in the gym several times a week.


cycling software bkool velodrome

Cycling Software with Velodrome for Indoor Bike Trainer competitions


There is another important factor for velodrome cycling – when we speak of track cycling, that is bikes for track cycling are especially aerodynamic and efficient, and this is no wonder because they need to be such in order to achieve such incredible speed.

Of course, the cyclist is the one that achieves that ridiculous speed, with his endurance and strength of leg muscles and cardiovascular system.


cycling software bkool velodrome games

Cycling Software on virtual Velodrome for winter cycling training


Cycling on a velodrome will definitely enable every cyclist to make the most of the cold winter season when you can’t cycle outside.

It will enable you to further focus on developing your strength and endurance without putting any strain on your joints.

Velodrome cycling is an excellent cardio exercise and strength exercise as well as a great opportunity to develop skills. Cycling on a velodrome track will definitely sharpen your cycling skills.


 Customise your cycling gear within the Bkool Cycling Software

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