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Bicycle Trainer – The best Spinning Class

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Bicycle Trainer like a Spinning Class


Training during off season is essential. This is more true if you are planning on racing during the season. Many athletes follow different exercise regimen to stay fit during winter. This is the season they can’t run or swim outside. Weight gain is often a problem during off season. This is because you don’t train as much in the dull weather.

However, elite cyclists have only a couple of months as off season. It is seen that preparing for a race requires at least 4 months of training. Spinning classes are now popular. Here you get an instructor barking instructions at you to keep up your pace on bicycle trainer. Before signing up for these classes, you should know about the pros and cons.

Bicycle Trainer | Pros of spinning class


  • You will have a structured exercise routine as you participate in a spinning class
  • There will be an instructor motivating you to keep pushing during the entire spinning session
  • The peer pressure will keep you going because you don’t want to be a loser
  • Signing up for spinning class will eliminate procrastination because if you don’t go to the class, you are wasting your own money
  • Trained instructors can greatly improve your fitness levels



Bicycle Trainer | Cons of spinning class


  • Depending on where you go for training, spinning class membership can set you back by a few hundred dollars every month
  • You may have to use the indoor bikes already available with the class. In that case, you can’t train on your own bike
  • The exercise routine designed is the same for all. You won’t be able to follow a routine that is comfortable for you
  • In most of the spinning classes, the trainers are not good enough to design the perfect training routine
  • You may not be able to build your biking skills because of the generic training routine
  • You can only exercise during the class which means that you have to adjust your schedule accordingly


Cons of spinning class

Cons of spinning class


Indoor training at your home using a bicycle trainer is the best way to train during off season. You can design your own training routine at a pace that is challenging for you. You can vary the sessions. This will help you focus on different aspects of biking skills. You can use advanced bike trainers and bike computers with virtual training to concentrate on improving your speed, cadence and power from the comfort of your home.



Bicycle Trainer - The best Spinning Class
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